Rocky Mountain House Land Use Bylaw Update

Your feedback from this survey will be used to inform the proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw. This survey closes September 15, 2019.

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District Types

Do you support consolidating residential districts to create a more flexible and user-friendly Land Use Bylaw?

Combining similar districts together creates a simplified and flexible bylaw that enables diversity in the town's built form.

Should setbacks be reduced in residential areas?

Reduced  setbacks result in a more efficient use of the parcel, a more continuous street edge, a vibrant pedestrian experience.
Building Type

Do you support a variety of building types in the same neighbourhood?

Various building types can create an interesting streetscape while providing for a range of housing and tenure options in the same neighbourhood.    
New District

Do you support a new, flexible residential district to regulate development in new neighbourhoods?

A flexible residential district applied to new neighbourhoods will enable a variety of building types ranging from low to medium density.
Downtown Building Types

Should larger multi-residential development be allowed close to downtown?

This will allow more people to live near downtown. More people living near downtown will support local businesses and help achieve a lively downtown core.
Parcel Sizes

Should minimum parcel sizes in commercial areas be removed to provide greater flexibility for development?

This will allow new development to adopt a variety of sizes and enable opportunities for diversity in new commercial development.
Commercial Nodes

Do you support small-scale commercial nodes within some residential neighbourhoods?

The revised Local Commercial District will enable small-scale shops and services within walking distance of residential areas.
Highway Commercial

Do you support changing regulations to allow for smaller commercial development along the highway?

This will create diversity in highway commercial development and enable a more attractive, pedestrian friendly highway corridor.

Do you think there should be more services allowed in industrial areas to support employees?

Allowing things like restaurants, parks, and entertainment uses would create a more appealing industrial area and reduce the need for workers to drive for services.
Exempt Districts

Do you think that certain districts should be exempt from parking minimums?

This would allow development to determine parking requirements appropriate to the situation.
Reduced Rates

Do you support reducing parking rates for some commercial and residential uses?

Parking rates in Rocky are much higher than in comparable communities. Reducing parking rates can stimulate development and improve affordability.